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Lovely and Inviting Kitchen

I love how inviting and welcoming
this kitchen is,
it makes me think of a Mom
lovingly cooking and the
smell of mouthwatering dishes
and even cakes and cookies
baking in the oven,
just like when I was a small
girl coming home and my mother
has always something from her
  for me and my brother
and sometimes even for our friends.
This kitchen may not look
as sleek as the modern ones
but I like it, it looks very tidy
and  fresh and has lots of storage space.
I also love that it has fresh flowers
too, may be freshly cut from the garden.
I just love this loving and inviting kitchen.


Blanka Matragi



 Celia Kritharioti 

Alexandre Vauthier

Oscar de la Renta


Wes Gordon

Dreamy White Bedroom

I love a dreamy bedroom
one that is relaxing and so serene
and this white bedroom
is exactly that and more.
This bedroom is not
only dreamy and relaxing,
it also has a touch of chic.
Love the specks of green
in the curtain
and since this bedroom
is predominantly white,
the little greens stand out beautifully.
And I think the bed is chic too
with its design that matches
the back wall.
Hmmm... so inviting,
so relaxing...
just exactly what a bedroom needs to be.


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